Thursday, September 3, 2009

Old School

I love my husband...he puts up with alot. I am the artsy fartsy and he is an engineer. I have ideas and he tells me how impossible it would be to actually make them. Although engineers come in handy. Especially when they bring home an O.H.P as they were going to throw it in the skip at his work, but he said "my wife would like that, she likes rubbish".

So me and the kids have been having a great time with it, Jack my youngest has made his own beados invaders game and I have been scaling my ducks and sheep. I love it!!


  1. Fun! I made my husband pay good money for a projector... And not as nice as that! Good score :)

  2. Thanks Katie, The best thing is I got two!! So I have a back it is hard to get the kids to let me have a turn with it! Fun indeed.

  3. Yes, well who doesn't love a bit of rubbish? always feels like such a score!