Thursday, September 3, 2009

Old School

I love my husband...he puts up with alot. I am the artsy fartsy and he is an engineer. I have ideas and he tells me how impossible it would be to actually make them. Although engineers come in handy. Especially when they bring home an O.H.P as they were going to throw it in the skip at his work, but he said "my wife would like that, she likes rubbish".

So me and the kids have been having a great time with it, Jack my youngest has made his own beados invaders game and I have been scaling my ducks and sheep. I love it!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Now in store..

I am quite excited to say you can now go to The Poi Room in New Market and Kina in New Plymouth to get your very own 'guinipig' creation. I feel very privileged to be selling in these wonderful places, I really love their utmost focus on New Zealand based Art and Design which was a big draw card for me. Both places are deserving of a visit, either to their websites (click on their names above to go straight there) for an online shopping fix, or in person as they are filled with amazing art and design.
I am not loaded up on their websites yet so go in and have a look in store...Go on you know you want too!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dynamic Ducks

'Dynamic Ducks' as seen in the Womans Weekly, June 22 Edition. (Yep a bit slow on this post)

Quite like being in makes me feel special. Thanks Womans Weekly, Thanks Toggle for getting me there!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Off the wall..

Quite rightly named 'Sandfords Laundry' as this wallpaper is the wallpaper I had growing up in our laundry. So when it was time for some redecorating I couldnt let this be painted over, so off it came, and voila beautiful ducks!!

Memory lane can be a bit dangerous though, I just spent a RIDICULOUS amount of money on some wallpaper that I had growing up as well. I will be making them into some ducks too so keep an eye out for those soon.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Create your family...

You can now mix and match the sheep and lambs you need to represent your own family. Lovely. All ready and waiting for you Toggle

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Swans, A long time coming...

Well I have had this idea in my head for well over a year now and I have finally started to make some. This is a sample of my Swandri Swans. Made with NZ made Swandris, fenceposts, nails and fencing tie wire. Domesticating the Swandri and its manly associations.

They are turning out well, with a few minor tweaks left to sort out. Problem is, ideas are coming faster than time allows me to make them! Somehow my curfew (imposed by husband and children) of 9pm on my scrollsaw, does not follow through to me using a hammer.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Book it into your Diary

I am looking forward to this...and so should you! Oh what wonderful craft you will find at Kraftbomb on Sunday the 26th of April at the Grey Lynn Community Centre from 11-2.
I will be holding a stall and will have some of my flying ducks and woollen sheep, and if you are really lucky some of my hot bambi guns (the latter might not be the most appropriate gift for Mothers day by the way). See you there............. and if by any chance you cant make it (and you better have a good excuse if you dont) then you should check out Toggle for some of the stallholders goodies.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bang! Bambi Bang!

I remember crying for days as a child after watching the movie. Now look at what I am doing to poor little Bambi!! Innocence of a small child lost, and the sick mind of an adult found. Poor Bambi.
Made from a well loved, vintage Bambi book, that I glued together and handcut/scrolled.
(and it was fun)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Charles the family sheep. Well actually he was a pet lamb. A mighty good one at that. He got us the First Place Fat Lamb Ribbon back in the day. Charles also gets to wear the blanket we used to have as kids. SShhh though, I havent told my mum that I nicked it.

Counting Sheep

I used to have a blanket like that, I used to have a pet sheep, and quite literally with these adorable sheep, I used to be a blanket.

I name each blanket that I repurpose for these sheep, because for me, they have personality. Most of the names are from our family pet lambs that we used to get each year for calf club day. Charles is my favourite, but there is also a Diana and a Flower. The blue and grey blanket is an army blanket, so that gets the name Waiouru.
In a set you get a Mummy or Daddy Sheep, with two young lambies cuddled in a bag, made from another repurposed blanket. Check more photos of these here.

Clean Green New Zealand?

We try to make out (especially on a marketing perspective) that we are clean and green down here in New Zealand. But really how clean and green are we? So what a better way to question that than with artificial grass. (Especially one that can double as a noticeboard. Now that's handy).
These are perfect for hanging on your wall as a statement or as a way to keep track of your family. Pinning up Aunty Wendy lives here, Aunty Fiona lives there.....oh and Aunty Ngaire lives there. You can get yours from here.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fly my pretties

Hilda Ogden had them, my Grandma had them, you probably remember them. The very iconic ceramic flying ducks. Ah, but these aren't ceramic are they...I decided it would be a great idea to recreate them using the absolutely fabulous wallpaper they used to hang on. I love them...

Each one is individually hand cut using genuine vintage wallpaper and hardboard (for that extra retro feel). They are limited edition, with a maximum edition number of 20. If you love them too, you can get them on Toggle.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ooh so new

Yep guinipig has finally become a blogger. After spending all day fluffing around on everyone else's, jumping from blog spot to blog spot, website to website, I thought it was time for me to join the bandwagon... so to speak.
So here is where I will be keeping the world updated with my making and creating. Starting tomorrow of course...I don't want to get too carried away on my debut.